About Our Team

Our Team at Sunshine Valley Mobile Court can’t wait to serve you. We want you to have the best experience with our little family and we are here to help! Our family owned business will treat you like one of our own!

Dominica Yoho

Dominica assists the owner, Frank, in finding homes for potential new tenants and maintains all current residents’ accounts. She is available for residents whenever she is needed.

(304) 612-4178


Jessica Brown

Jessica has a passion for working in retail at the Home Surplus Warehouse store. She has several years of experience and looks forward to serving our customers!

(304) 906-8362

Frank Bonasso

Frank has over 45 years in the manufactured housing business. His knowledge and experience have been the pillar to the success and longevity of SVMC, Inc.

(304) 290-2185


Our Story

Our company began over 50 years ago when our grandfather, Pete Bonasso, got into the mobile home business.  His sons naturally became involved with his business and his oldest son, Frank Bonasso, bought Sunshine Valley Mobile Court, Inc. from him. Frank started on his own venture with his wife, Cindy, in the mid 70s.  They had four children, Dominica, Peter, Jessica, and Anna, and all of them have worked in the family business in some capacity throughout their lives. Dominica has been married for over 20 years and is the mother of two daughters.  She has worked with her father for over 10 years in the family business and enjoys helping people find the right home for their family. Peter has been married almost ten years and is the father of two children.  He worked with Frank for almost five years and during that time modernized the business.  He has since moved to Ohio with his family. Jessica has been married for ten years and has three daughters.  She has worked with her father for almost five years and enjoys working with the customers in the parts store, Home Surplus Warehouse, helping them to match the right part for their home. Frank’s youngest daughter, Anna, worked with him at a young age.  She has since moved to Virginia and lives happily with her husband and three children. We are passionate about helping people find their homes and the parts to repair their homes.  We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and offer the flexibility to meet our customer’s needs.

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Our Team can't wait to help you on your journey in finding the best community for you. We will handle all your questions. Send your message right on over!

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